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Born in Galati (Romania) in 1925 after his degree in economic sciences he took a post-University painting course under the leadership of Prof. Oltea Luca Savinschi in from 1956 till 1960.

Partecipating to many collective exposition and in galleries in Herastrau, Dalles, Radiodiffusion, National Theatre.Also a personal exposition held in M. Sadoveanu Library, National Military Circle etc. He has many recognitions among them the latest are:

-second place in the 1996 issue of the competition “ For a foot of heart”;

-special prize Gh. Petrascu in the year 1997 in the competition with the same name and many others.

But the best recognitions come from abroad where its painting are part of important private collections in the USA, Argentina, Australia, Israel, Italia, France and Portugal.



Grigore Matei paintings present a painter with a warm feeling, full of whiteness, an artist with unknown possibilities, withdrawing the country beauty of our land, with differents aspects joint to the natural view, for wich the simple drawing up is for itself evocative and involves, at the same time, an armonic and a very wide range of colors.

NICOLAE G. LORGA (Painting professor).

Paintings of GRIGORE MATEI painter, it doesn’t matter if they represent landscape, static nature, compositions or portraits, show an heavy interpretative capacity widly superior to the autodidact painting and therefore such to confirm what Leonardo da Vinci used to say to his beginners “Painting is question of mind”.
So how you can point out watching his paintings, the actual creations of GRIGORE MATEI are a good synthesis between sentiments and mind. In others words he expose the early emotional impulse of a favorable realty image, to the filter of his mind, reality of the world wich is pushed till the union point with the pictorial realty that will be represented.
His painting go on into the traditional realistic Roumanian school, boh in the choice of preferred subjects, and in the choice of the light diamonds color, that reflects the light spectrum without sacrifice of any color.


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