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Born in Hunedoara (Roumania) in 1954 later his degree in Architecture Institute “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest in the 1980 become member of the Artists Union of Roumania having the Architects Union Prize for fine arts in 1983.
She partecipate to many collective exhibitions:

in the 1992 at the “City Saloon” & “The National Art Saloon” in the National Theatre Galleries floor ¾ - Bucharest;
in the 1995 at the “Graphics Year’s Saloon” same address;
in the 1998 & the 2000 at the ”Watercolour Bucharest Saloon” organized by the Bucharest Military Circle;
to other specialized exhibitions for group of peinter in exposition room such as in the 1994 at the Bucharest City Art Galleries;
in the 1985 in “The Very Little Theatre" a personal exhibition held - Bucharest;
in the 1990 & 1996 in the “City Art Galleries”-Bucharest;
in the 1998 in the “Arts Gallery” of the Bucharest Military Circle;
in the 1998 in the “World Trade Center “ of Bucharest;
in the 2000 in “Art’s Home” Gallery of Bucharest.
Recognitions come from abroad where its painting are part of important private collections in the USA, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Canada, Turkey and Austria.



ANCA MARIA CONSTANTINESCU practices a refined painting in wich the Nature lives in her whole splendour. We don’t meet a mimetic treatment of the landscape, but a subtle interpretation of the motif which aroused her interest.
Above all a watercolourist of a great sensitiveness, the artist confers a great vibration to the colours : the hills, the crowns of the trees, the skyline or the waves of the water are always fluent. Her preference turns to soft tonalities of ochre, green and blue, full of transparence. In her workings the Nature is the principal personage, dominating the whole space, without human intrusion.
The tendency for “The natural beauty” is absolutely legitimatein a mechanized and computerized society like ours. The effects of “the homo faber” are seldom surprised by the artist and than as some necessary accents for the composition: hayricks, fences, country houses, fisher boats.
An absolute silence dominates the whole landscape – only the fluttering of the wings of some birds disturbs the peace and the silence by an elegant movement which gives the landscape vitality. Although architect by trade, Anca Maria Constantinescu never shows her foundamental studies in her painting.
The specific and distinct style of the watercolourist architet who doesn’t fail to draw perfectly the perspective lines is not present in her painting.
By vocation artist, Anca Maria Constantinescu dreams in front of the motif and trasposes an idyllic image, unpolluted and inagressed by the industrial and electronical revolution.

ALEXANDRA TITU (Art critic).

Architect by trade, Anca Maria Constantinescu directed herself towards painting, looking for a language in which the expression, the biassed implication, the turning to account of a lyrical propensity, may be able to express in more liberty referring to the imposed rigours of certain external criteria.
That’s why a great part of her creations is made of semi-abstract landscapes at the limit between reality “remember” and pure pictoriality. There is in these watercolour landscapes a balance between sensation and emotion, the usual tendency being for subjectivism.
This is the deep reason of the choice for watercolour for the fluid and transparent matter, that covers an infinite space. When the shape appears, cleared by a fast writing, it is working much more as a need to discharge a gesture, to follow an inside movement and less as a pointing out of a “geographic” mark perceived in reality.


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