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Born in Balteni (Buzau - Romania) in 1941 and lives and works on the Black Sea. Graduate in plastic arts in the 1965 from state school "I. Andrescu", after a period in industry and one year of teaching, he paints an orthodox church in Moldavia from 1969 till 1973.

In 1975 he shows for the fist time,in a personal exibition in Onesti (Romania),his paintings;
in 1976, is one of the exhibitor at "republican painting hall" held in the "Roman Academy" of Bucharest.
Exhibitions located in all over europe:

1977 - hall of the exhibitions in Prague
1979 - personal exhibition in Iasi (Moldavia)
1980 - personal exhibition in Cluj (Rumania)
1982 - personal exhibition in Eforie Nord (Black Sea)
1983/1987 - invitations from France, Belgium, Germany etc. to exhibit his own paintings, authority refused outgoing visa;
1987 - exhibition in the artistic museum of Constanza (Black Sea) togheter with three other artists in different doctrine;
1989 - personal exhibition in Eforie Nord (Black Sea)
1990 - collective exhibition in Paris and in Garsten (Austria)
1991 - personal exhibition in Wisbaden (Germany)
1992 - exhibitions in France (Alsatia and Lorraine)
1993 - exhibition in Barbezieux (France)
1994 - exhibition in Montpellier
1995 - exhibition in Frankfort
1997 - exhibition in Paris
1998 - exhibition in Albi (Pyrenees-France)
1999 - exhibition in Saarbrucken (Germany)
2000 - exhibition in Olimp (Black Sea)


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